24 September 2009

hypocrisy (curik kat jiher)

saje bosan2 nk buat mende alah ni.

Four names the person that you love(besides your parents) :

Four of your favorite place to makan-makan :
-umah aku
-rumah orang

Four places you would rather be right now :
-studio jamming
-umah fuad
-Terminal 2 (cc)

Four things in the room you're in :
-tiket MTV World Stage yg tak pakai
-kotak pizza domino

Four things in your purse or wallet :
-my lovely mom's picture
-driving license

Four speed dials on your cell phone :
xde pon. haha!

Four websites you visit :
-blog kawan2. :D
-youtube (hah?? redtube? hahaha )

Four places you'd like to visit :

Four things you are looking forward to :
-japgi nk jamming. recording.
-study untk FINAL EXAM!
-getting good result
-time cuti carik job .

Four things found in your fridge :

Four person that you missed :
haha. xde pon.

Four person you want to kill :
tah baik oh bunuh2 orang. haish.

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