22 January 2010

Emotion stabilizer

orang kata jgn gopoh2 nnt orang kata kita ni 'desperate'
tp kalo tunggu lame2 nnt orang lain kebas.
tp kan kalo btol die dicipta utk kita jodoh takkan kemana
tp kan, kalo kita tak usaha tak boleh jugak.

so, aku pon tataw nk buat ape..

adoiiihh poning2.

kalo bab2 menasihat kan orang mmg pandai.

tp kalo dah kene kat batang idong sendirik, amik kaw.!

jadi ape aku nk buat?

aku rasa la kan. xpe, just kawan je dulu. cam biase. be there for her, make sure she knows that i always be with her, let her know that i can be the person that she can find when she need somebody. i wanna be somebody that can share life, love and emotion. maybe im not the best. but i'll try my best to be the best for you. nobody is perfect. so, i wanna her to complete me.

i dont know y i become like this. maybe this is love? am i in love with her? oh yes, I am! should i denied my emotion? oh tidakk!


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