16 December 2009

Red's Day.!

uh. pg td aku skip kelas tourism geography cos aku terlajak tido. haish. haha.
seb baik sempat aku masuk kelas quantitative.

there are a few things dat make me pissed off la today kan.
1.lect quantitative
2.mentor mentee meeting.

oklah. for lect quantitative.
yup. i know i was late for the class around 10minits.
but i said im sorry.! uh. then i just 4low la kelas tu kan.
after finish all the lecture we got task to do.
there are three questions.
mmg la. aku masuk lmbt then aku ade terlepas a bit of things yg die ajar.
then aku tanye la. pstu diz lect jawab dgn nada nk marah walaupon die tak marah. heeyy! we know the tone okay.! but its okay la. its my fault so, aku buat bodoh aku tanye jela. die jawab. then ok la. enough already. :D

2nd things is. during our mentor mentee meting. WTF man!
seriusly la weih. kitorang baru nk bentangkan budget tok xtvt to have fun kat bukit cerakah dis month. then ade la few of them yg cam tak puas hati dgn harga la, tempat la. transportation la. yes. i know. u give such a good opinion. but please la be professional n be polite to other's feelings. DUDE! we are the person who incharge for the activity. we just want to make it clear n easy for you guys. we'll prepare everything for u. but when u arguing like that to expensive la and bla2 bullshit! okay then we reduce the cost n it will effect the activity. FUCK YOU LA DEYH!

p/s: serius beb. ko mmg famous.!ko rockstar! kadang2 aku kesian kat ko. haih. dnie2.~

oh yah.
do see my friend's band, dorang baru siap demo. and its good!

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